Cool Gadgets in India

Cool Gadgets in India

India is one of fastest growing country around globe and a growing country requires cooler inventions. India is full of cool things, cool places to visit, cool community and cool inventions as well about which consumers are not aware. What are merits of having a cool gadget? How can you get that? Is the gadget price worth it? It is difficult to get the answers for these questions but the team of has covered it. With our new list for Top Cool Gadgets you can get the answers for all these questions.
cool gadgets in india

Cooler gadgets make you look cooler, all around looks only can’t make one look cooler until one has some cool stuffs or cool personality and it is very important for our youth to look cool. We will help you in both the things, visit to get best tips to look cooler. And in this article you will know the top cool gadgets in India which can help you in look cooler.
The criteria on which we have prepared the list are, value for money, rating about build quality, rating for the looks for the gadget and specifications.

1. Bionic Bird

If you thought it for being a bird from its name then surely you has mistaken for it, Bionic Bird is the coolest Drone that fly like a sky conqueror. In fact this drone has been designed to look like a bird and fly like it, it has also got fins and eyes that look very more similar like a bird. It has also got color similar like birds with some white pattern.
Cool gadgets in india, bionoc bird
Bionic bird

With great battery backup and capable to fly at great heights, the drone is loaded with features like flying pattern like a bird. The drone can be the phone application for sure but the interesting thing here is that the application has been designed in the same theme and pattern like the Bionic Bird which is black color with white pattern. It can be purchased from Technojar India.

2. Tobii Eye Tracker

Tracking mouse cursor and other important input from one’s head any eye movements was just a imagination while we all were young and many of us used to think about this technology when we were young true isn’t it? But ladies and gentlemen it is not a dream and imagination any more. Tobii Eye Tracker is capable of taking your head and eye movements to use as an input for your computer and can easily replace a mouse.
Cool gadgets in india, Tobii Eye Tracker
Tobii Eye Tracker

 Sounds strange but it is actually real, the question for the gadget arrives here is that is the gadget fast enough to match the level of a mouse? And the answer is Big Yes. The gadget is fast enough to beat the speed of the mouse and even capable to be used while playing P.C games.
For the lazy and sloth bears like us this device is a God gadget, no doubt that this gadget is one of the most interesting and cool gadget in the list of our Top cool gadgets in India. 

3. Sunny Leaf Solar Bag

Do you love traveling; you are a passionate traveler and love to upload your trip memories on social media platforms? If the answer is yes than Sunny Leaf Solar bag is a cool gadget that has been made for you. The gadget is used to charge other gadgets with power capability of 6 watts. This is the most practical gadget that we have listed as the gadget charges itself chargeable with solar energy.
cool gadgets in india,Sunny Leaf Solar Bag
sunny leaf solar bag

This amazing and mind blowing gadget even have 6000mAH power bank in it and you can carry your luggage as well and this gadget weighs less than 200g. The only demerit this gadget has is that it is only chargeable in day as it consumes energy from solar energy. Although traveling in day can help you to collect enough power to charge an iPad, mobile phones, camera etc. It is a very helpful product for travel vloggers.

 4. Clini Cloud

With its catchy name the device becomes tough to understand at once but gadget have many hidden features. CliniCloud is a gadget having wireless thermometer and stethoscope. For medical emergencies this is a very helpful gadget as it has some space as well that can carry all First Aid material.
cool gadgets in india,Clini Cloud
clini cloud

 In some places getting a doctor help in less time is a difficult task but with the help of this amazing gadget it becomes easy to find the problem and solution can be taken from internet as well.
This amazing gadget is also followed by an amazing CliniCloud application that is loaded with many helpful features like getting help and solutions for medical emergencies and guide for using the gadget.

5. Evapolar

Your personal portable climate is in the house which can be controlled by you, the kind of humidity and temperatures you want. This amazing cooling customizable gadget is actually cool; just think what could be cooler than having your own climate that can be moved and placed anywhere you want.
cool gadgets in india,Evapolar

 It’s really tough to have different cooling gadgets in different room which also lets to more electricity bill and more hustle. This Evapolar can replace all of them which of charging and giving backup up to 8 hours.
cool gadgets in india,Evapolar

The most amazing part about that is can be controlled using you mobile phone and tablet just by using the application. This gadget also purifies the air that lets your family to enjoy fresh and healthy environment.

6.  Swash 1000

Without any doubt we can say that Swash 1000 is the most useful and comfortable gadget if the century, work done by this gadget is a bit taboo for some consumers as it is used to clean one’s body part after the work done. By work we mean extracting of waste materials of the body from private part of human being. And the interesting part about this gadget is that it can be controlled by a remote.

cool gadgets in india,Swash 1000
Swash 1000

By clearing the doubts and questions arising in the mind, the gadget is very hygienic, easy and safe to use, in fact it is very comfortable to use. You can choose the temperature of water as well, now that’s what we call peak of comfort zone.

7. Tao Clean

The very first task to do in the morning is cleaning your teeth, and that is a challenging task because most of the times it’s difficult to reach to the inner side of the buccal cavity which leads to the cavities.
Cool gadgets in india ,tao clean,fun of phone

 The false smell on speaking can be a disappointment for the speaker and it will destroy the personality in mini seconds. Tao Clean is capable of reaching the innermost surfaces of the mouth and giving the finest experience. The gadget is capable of cleaning at next level and known for the best art of clean. This also helps to get a motivated and fresh morning to boom your day.

8. Qmote S

Smartphone’s are the most important and useful product of the century but the funniest part here is, sometimes it become difficult to find you phone as well. “A big round for applause for it.” Qmote S is a remote for your smartphone, home locking and many other appliances.
cool gadgets in india,fun of phone,Qmote s
Qmote s

The interesting part here is that this gadget is a waterproof and comes with Bluetooth feature. It is supportable in many other gadgets like Go Pro, WeMo Switch, LIFIX lighting and much more. All the customization is done under one application which free and comes with the gadget.

cool gadgets in india,fun of phone,Qmote s

 There are many pros of this gadget like it can be used in rain, and also has Low Energy mode and easy to handle as it grips perfectly on hands.


One can easily impress the guest by having these cool gadgets in the home; these gadgets are not just cool but actually very practical and easy to use. There is no competition between the gadgets as all the gadgets are useful in their own use. One thing that we would like to mention is neither we don’t promote any of these gadgets nor we say that using and having these gadgets are mandatory. These are just some cool gadgets that can be used for several purposes like traveling and camping. The list of top cool gadgets in India contains all the gadgets that can be used to get a cooler image in the society.
If we have leave any important gadget in the list or you have cooler and more practical gadgets than please let us know by commenting or mailing us on All the reviews and suggestions are welcomed.

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