Xiaomi mi notebook pro (8GB/256GB/i5) review

Xiaomi mi notebook pro


Value for money











  • The very first thing we state will be its design, the laptop looks gorgeous and has been made with very elegant design patter. Its slim, edgy and looks large.
  • The battery backup is really good and lasts up to 8 hours and it gets charged back in just 2 hours as it has fast charging.
  • The combination of processor with Graphic card is insane and works really fast. We will suggest that if you are having budget around the pricing of Xiaomi mi notebook pro than this could be best performing laptop in segment.


  • Sadly, the design of this beauty is too elegant and hence some scratches can be seen on it.
  • The heavy configuration makes loud sounds sometimes or this is not that silent like MacBook.
  • The weight could have been less and it feels bulky some times.

Xiaomi mi notebook pro

After showing its capabilities in smartphone industry, Xiaomi has come up to show its strength in Laptops, the all new Xiaomi mi notebook pro which has recently came to the market is getting some really good ratings. The best part about Xiaomi mi notebook pro is that this is an all-round laptop with great specifications, good looks and reasonable pricing.
As this is a Xiaomi product than expectations from the consumers is high for sure and Xiaomi doesn’t let us down. The laptop is completely loaded with all the features than all other laptops are having in the segment. There are also some specifications which one cannot expect in such pricing and that what we love about Mi notebook pro.

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The question that every consumer will think before buying or choosing it will be that Is the price of Mi pro worth it? Do the specifications of this product justify its price? The answers we will be finding out. Another important question that raises is why should I switch to Xiaomi Laptop than of Samsung, Apple, Asus, Dell and other renowned brands? We will be discussing these important points as well.
Now speaking about the Mi notebook pro price which is Rs 1,06,552 which looks really expensive on first look until you are aware about the specifications and features that will be coming with the price tag. If we talk about the justification than we need to know the complete specifications, unique features, specifications required for that pricing. So, lets look into these important Key Points.

Specifications of Mi notebook pro:-

Display –                   15.6 Inch (1920 x 1080)
RAM & ROM –          8 GB | 256 GB SSD
Camera –                   1.0 Mega-pixel Single Camera
Processor –               Intel Core i5 1.6GHz Quad-core
Graphics Chipset –   Nvidia GeForce MX150 2 GB
O.S –                           Windows 10
Battery –                    8000mAH Li-ion polymer
Dimensions –            14.17 x 9.61 x 0.59 Inches and 1.99 KG
The specifications are very stable and satisfactory, these were the key elements and basic specifications of Xiaomi mi notebook pro and there are much more to know about this product. Just by these key elements you can generate an image and get an idea that Xiaomi has really worked hard to feature its laptop in the segment.
Now let’s discuss these key elements in detail and also find out other interesting features of Xiaomi notebook pro.

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A big display is always a plus point for any laptop but the thing which matters most is how that display performs and displays the pictures. As mentioned above, display size of Mi pro is 15.6 Inch which is big and enough for any laptop. Screen resolution is another important factor after screen size, resolution of Mi book Pro is 1920 x 1080 with Full HD display.
Talking about display ratio, the factor that explains that how well a laptop has been crafted and maintained the ratio which enhances the looks of any laptop. Laptop mi has 16:9 of display size which is really good.  

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Another part of display that we will look into will be Screen Type, which we strongly believe is very important factor in the display part. Screen type basically clarifies the type of screen like the laptop has LED screen of LCD screen. We all know LED is much more enhanced type of screen and Xiaomi Notebook Pro comes with IPS type screen panel which is used in LED screen. IPS is a panel which enhances the screen and helps to look more colourful, sharp and vibrant. 
Looking into the design part of display or how the display looks, let me tell you that Mi notebook pro looks very slim and narrow, the edges are thin till 6.52 mm but the most interesting part about the look of display is that being that slim and edgy, the laptop still gives big, large and appealing look which is really great. I mean what could be better than having a laptop that looks big but actually is slim.
The display panel comes with OGS screen which actually means One Glass Solution, this technology helps in reducing one glass layer from screen and helps the screen looks slimmer and classier. I personally love this technology and love that notebook pro comes with this amazing technology.

RAM & Storage :-

Xiaomi Notebook is available in different versions having different RAM and specifications that we will be discussing later in the review. Here we are reviewing Xiaomi mi notebook pro, enabled RAM of this beauty is 8 GB DDR4, which is great companion to the processors. This 8 GB is capable of holding great loads like playing heavy games, using heavy software and using large files. The most important task of Ram of any laptop is to make the system works fast and Mi pro does works fast.
Comparing to the previous version, the new version is faster and more fluent in terms of using large-scale applications and documents. RAM slot quantity is one which means this can be expandable up to at least 16 GB. But we will suggest that 8 GB is very much compatible with the processor and 8 GB is capable enough to handle large files that should be required for this laptop.

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One more thing that we would like to add in RAM is generally these kind of high specification laptops are used either for gaming or for high level of editing and Xiaomi Note Pro done all these kinds of task very efficiently without any lags in gaming and without any stoppages in editing and other professional works.
Now, lets give a look into the storage. The storage capacity of Mi book pro is 256 GB SSD which means the ROM (Read Only Memory) is stored in micro-chips using mechanical arms, they are much more convenient, slim and easy ways to keep your memories. This storage technology also plays an important role in making the laptop slim and thin. SSD is also three times faster storage technology comparing to the previous versions and also three times faster than general SATA.


The most important factor for any laptop, once you can neglect the design, thickness and looks but you cannot neglect performance. How a laptop performs is the only thing which matters most. We have mentioned a question in the into that Does Xiaomi mi notebook pro justifies its price tag? That we will be cracking here because a laptop can only justify its pricing via fast and enhanced performance.
Starting with the processor, Xiaomi mi notebook pro i5 has 8th gen i5 Intel core 1.6GHz, Quad core processor which is one of fastest and latest one just after i9 extreme. So, half of mi notebook pro price is justifying with the installed processor in it because this specific processor is an expensive kit.

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There is no doubt that notebook pro has been designed for powerpack performance to change the limitations of professional creativity. 4-core 8- thread gives boost up to 40% to this fast-performing beast getting frequency up to 4.0GHz. it is also claimed by the Xiaomi that the performance has been 40% more improved than of last generation but this statement is how much true that we will be knowing later.
 Another factor in performance is graphic card, if you are paying that much of amount than expecting a graphic card is obvious and Xiaomi knows that as well. Notebook pro comes with Graphic Chipset of 2 GB GDDR5 Nvidia GeForce MX150, one word for the combination of processor and graphic card, “Insane.”
One is for sure that if the processing tools of any laptop will come with faster and aggressive kit than a cooling system is must and I must say that Xiaomi doesn’t lets down the consumers, Xiaomi notebook comes with powerful cooling system which cools down the beast in no time. Also, the great combination of high-speed graphics chipset and processor rendering 3D effects is more comfortable with 1080P display.
Operating system on which this beast runs is Windows 10 which gives perfect match to the luxury design to this laptop. Yes, macOS would have been a great platform for it but then what would be the difference between MacBook and Notebook?
We will include camera of Xiaomi mi notebook pro in the segment of performance itself because there is not much to discuss about the camera. Also, camera doesn’t play that important role in a laptop. Front camera of 1.0 Mega-pixels doesn’t lets to do much with it. This is like the laptop is having a camera just for name like if someone asks, “Does your laptop is having a camera?” and your will say yes of course with a smile but inner you will be praying to god that please don’t ask how much is it.  

Other Important Specifications of Xiaomi notebook pro:-

The first thing that I will clear in important specification will be that this laptop does have Fingerprint scanner which helps is unlocking the system in less than 2 seconds which makes this more accurate faster and safe to use. This point also needs to be added when we talk about the price justification.
Talking about the build quality, the product has been made Magnesium alloy framework, metal strengthen anti stress material which is kind of impressive from Xiaomi.
Sound quality is also good as Harman Infinity Customized speakers has been installed in the system which gives Dolby audio experience to the users. This adds a plus point to the laptop as you can enjoy company of some really good music with great audio quality while doing work.

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What’s in the Package?

Attractive white coloured box with the branding of Xiaomi on it will be received with love from China. On the front you will see image of Xiaomi mi notebook pro and the rear side will be full of written parts including some main features and other details. After opening you will receive a slim beauty wrapped into plastics and with it an adapter capable of fast charging and USB cable with some instruction’s papers. Let me clear that we are still waiting for Mi pro launch in India, the interesting part will be the consumers of India will accept the laptop like they accepted the smartphones? This answer will be a suspense until Xiaomi launches it.


The first thing that we will discuss while concluding Xiaomi mi notebook pro is the noise that comes out of it, one thing is obvious that if a laptop is having high configuration than it does makes some sounds, we are saying this term by looking the price. Xiaomi mi notebook pro is directly compared with MacBook Pro but the price to MacBook is way more than Mi Notebook. If you are having that budget than go for MacBook Pro and if not than go for Mi Notebook.

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Xiaomi laptop are renowned brand for “value for money” product and by maintaining the dignity we will say that Xiaomi Mi notebook pro is “value for money” product. This laptop is full of great specification which is rarely given by any brands in this much of amount.
Indian market has still to wait for this product although this can be purchased via online but that would be Chinese version not Indian. Mi pro launch in India is still a thing to wait but this wait it worth it as this product has already set the bars for many other brands. As I mentioned that this can be purchased via online websites so I will be telling that from where to buy mi notebook, a website called gearbeast.com is providing the service.
About the price factor we proved that how this laptop has justify its price and answering the other question that will Xiaomi would be able to compete with other brands on which we will say that consumers of any segment and any country takes some time to accept a new product of a new brand in any segment but with good customer service and idle advertisement its would be not difficult for Xiaomi to establish itself.

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