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go noise all poduct

Go Noise

The new Chinese manufacturers have set the market on fire; Go Noise has come with many amazing products like Smart watch, Ear phones and many more.

The biggest challenge for this Chinese manufactures was to deal with the brand value and the acceptance by the consumers and Go noise faced all the challenge with very ease.

 Main focus of the manufacturers are over young generation and no doubt the most of the young generation are attracted towards more innovative and fitness gadgets. Also Go Noise has come up with many such devices.

From being a starter in the industry to becoming the first choice of youngsters for health gadgets and earphones, Go Noise really evolved well.

The best thing about the brand is that they keep on increasing there number of products and verities. They just not kept them self limited to the earphones or headphones but they also made some amazing products like vlogging camera, smartphone covers and Smart watches like Noise Loop Smart watch.

Covering all the products in just one review is not possible so we are just mentioning some main products with basic specifications.

Go Noise Smart Wearable’s

Colour Fit (Fitness Band)

Sensors- This is one of highest selling fitness band of Go noise which some with many features which will help the consumers to improve their health.

Design- Colour fit comes with two sensors; first one is Accelerometer and other one is Optical sensor which is a plus point for the gadget.

The product comes with very good and elegant design with four colour options and colourful UI, interchangeable band and direct USB charge.

Connectivity- This fit band comes with great options of connectivity and can be connected to Android 4.4 and above and iOS 9.0 and above. Also the device can be connected to Bluetooth 4.0.

Battery- Consumers should not expect very larger battery backup of 90mAH and can be used for 3 days but the duration can be different as per the usage.

Splash Proof- This is a very great quality of this Fit band that it comes with IP67 with some water splash resistant, sweat resistant, dust resistant and more.

Colour fit Pro (Smart Watch)

With colourful screen and dynamic design Go Noise is also offering some really cool smart watches with variety of colour bands and Colour fir Pro is one of them. With starting price tag of Rs 2,699 consumers can get some really good watches and prices can change depending upon style of band.

Design- The watch looks really god and comes with many attractive bands with different price tags. The smart watch also comes with wide screen size and different modes which can help consumers to do their training in different ways.

Battery- As the watch is designed for training purpose hence the smart watch comes with large battery backup of 3 days of usage duration and 12 days of stand by duration. Larger battery backup is very important so Go Noise has given larger battery backup to its smart watch so that consumers can be free from regular charging in shorter intervals.

Special features- Colour fit Pro is loaded with all the required features to be a smart watch and some special features like accuracy of calories and weather forecast. Also the smart watch is capable to dive to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

Go Noise Loop Smart watch

Also called as “Go Noise Loop” this amazing smart watch is designed for those who want to keep it simple yet innovative and with budget range of 5K this smart watch is a great starting for new comes for smart watch.

Design-With display size of 1.3Inch and resolution of 240 x 240 the phone has exceptional design and this could be the best to get in this price range. Best part about the design is that it comes with 6 watch faces and UI interface and this is the first one in the segment.

Material- Noise loop comes with gun colour metal body followed by black silicone strap which makes the watch look even more beautiful.

Compatibility- Noise loop smart watch is compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.2 smartphones.

GT 08 Bluetooth Smart watch

Most of the times this smart watch is out of stock and the reason is quite simple that this is one of best smart watch by Go Noise and gives a premium kind of feeling while wearing it.

Functions- Users can make and receive calls and also check for call history and contacts. Also the smart watch comes with 1.3MPof front camera that can be used with a button for clicking pictures. Also memory slots, a speaker, a Mic, a music player, an alarm, calendar etc kind of basic  functions has been given by the manufactures.

Display and Size- The smartwatch comes with a display size of 1.54 Inch LCD TFT capacitive touch screen having resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. And the dimension of watch is 4.8 x 4.1 x 1.2 and total weight of 60 grams.

Battery and power- GT 08 comes with a battery backup of 350mAH Li-ion battery of 3.5V. The battery gives total running time of 100 to 120 hours and can be full charged in just 1 to 2 hours and also gives talking time of 1 to 2 hours.

Go Noise Audio :-

Noise Shots X3 Bass

All new wire-less ear buds introduces and launched by Go noise, Noise Shots X3 Bass which comes with the charging case and some really good components which results in great music.

Design- These wire-less ear pods has been designed beautifully and comes in five different colours. They are designed in such way that they just place themselves comfortably in the ears of users and don’t fall down easily.

Compatibility-Noise shots X3 Bass can be easily connected with any smartphone having Bluetooth version V5.0. Also Siri and Google both can be communicated via ear-pods easily.  

Battery- The ear-pods comes with battery backup up to 30 hours plackback time. Although Noise Shots X3 comes with a charging case and be charged with USB cable of normal charger.

Bass- From the name it’s clear that Ear-pods will be having great bass and the kind of music quality these wire-less ear pods deliver is amazing. With the larger battery backup and great bass users can enjoy the ear pods throughout the day without any disturbance.

Noise Shots Truly Wireless

The perfect pair of wire-less ear pods for heavy workout, training or longer journeys and the best part about Noise Shots Truly Wireless is, it’s great pricing. The ear pods come with really good value for money pricing and can call be one of best in the segment.

Design- The ear pods looks quite similar like the other ear pods but the charging case here is different and comes with whole new design. The charging looks like a small stick or small cuboids and holds the ear pods perfectly. The overall designed has been kept very simple yet innovative.

Battery- Noise Shots Truly Wireless gives backup up to 100 hours of at standby and around 30 hours of play back which is again a great thing in this much price tag.

Other attractive features- The best part about the ear-pods is that it can be paired with two mobile at single time and the wireless charging and sweat proof IPx4 makes it even better.

Noise shots X5 Review and Specifications

Mate Wire-less speaker

After wire-less ear pods Go Noise has come up with wire-less speakers with some really cool features like voice assistance and great looks. From the name “Mate” it’s clear that it is a product for the entertainment and to get a buddy for whole day.

Design- The design of mate is very innovate and simple at same time, this cubical box comes in two colour option of back and blue with showing timing at front and speaker at back with Noise branding at top of it.

Function- The wire-less speakers comes with many functions including alarms, calling and voice assistance and comes with buttons at top. By attaching auxiliary cables music can be played and the Mate also comes with FM options.

Go Noise Action Camera

Noise Play Vlog Edition

Go noise just not provide ear-pods or speakers but they also offer great vlogging camera like Go pro. Noise Play Vlog Edition is one of them which provide great stability and great qualities for vloggers.

Functions- The best part about the Vlog camera is that recordings can be done in 4K and Noise Play Vlog Edition comes with a Mic as well which will help in getting exact audio without background voices. The EIS feature provides rally good stability and recordings can be done without shakes which are again a plus point.

Burst Mode and Effects- Noise Play Vlog Edition is capable to capturing 3 to 4 pictures in just one second which is insane and all the drama and other important shots can be easily captured. Also the vlogging camera comes with many effects like deep and classic which also help the users to add on their innovations.

Specifications- Screen size of Noise vlogging edition is 2.0 Inch HD screen and comes with battery capacity of 1050mAH Li-ion battery. Also the mini camera is water proof till depth of 30 meters.

Other accessories by Go Noise

Go noise offers a large variety of products to the consumers like Gimbal and all other camera accessories which is a great thing by the manufacturers.

Also Go noise provides mobile covers of almost every smartphone with its Noise branding in it with really good designs and genuine pricing. Build quality is seems alright and Noise branding on it looks great.

This is not the end, Go noise also offers those little and very useful products related to smartphone which are rare to find like noise shots X5 wireless earbuds, car charger, wire-less charger, Apple certified MFI cable, pop sockets and so on.


One this is sure that Go noise doesn’t want any kind of limitations in their list, they try to make and deliver almost every product they can and they are evolving themselves in almost every segment.

The manufactures not only focus on delivering the product but they also make sure that the product is a quality product and a value for money product.

The best part that we found about the manufactures is they put the price tag as least as possible because they are basically focusing on making a greater brand value and this result in best possible products in best possible pricing for the users.


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