oppo r15x
oppo r15x


The race towards the launch of 5G is heated up now and many companies like Nokia, Qualcomm and Ericson are sharing case sensors for 5G internet access.

On same hand Oppo claims that it has successfully completed the test of 5G and will be soon launching the new devices with 5G enabled networks.

Hopefully consumers can see the new 5G enabled devices in 2019 by Oppo, consumers were expecting Oppo F11 to come up with 5G but Oppo want us to wait as the best from Oppo is yet to come this year.

New Oppo R15X

The all new Oppo R15X which launches in China will come up with 5G compatibility this year in India as Oppo is doing all the 5G tests on this smartphone.

This new phone will be a flagship smartphone with really good configurations, specifications and of course 5G enabled network.

Oppo vice president, Brain Shen made the official announcement back in October 2018 that company is struggling hard to come up with 5G enabled devices and also they are heading towards to become first ever brand to do this.

 Oppo R15X is fully customized with all the required 5G components that help in enabling the 5G network and the phone will have System board, RF, RFFE and antenna.

Oppo and 5G

The manufacturers were planning to come up with 5G network very earlier and Oppo first revealed their intentions back in 2018 in Beijing Qualcomm China Technology and Cooperation Summit when Oppo officially announced the partnership with Qualcomm for their 5G program.

Then in the same year in the month of May Oppo revealed their success of making 5G connection at video call and said that it has successfully implemented world’s first 5G video call connection via 3D structured light technology.

By watching the Oppo progress another brand from the same mother OnePlus announced that it will also be coming up with a 5G compatible device in 2019. We can expect the all new OnePlus 7 to come up with 5G compatibility.

Qualcomm also made an announcement that company is expecting at least two brands that will launch the smartphone with 5G network. The first one will be coming before the half of year and second one will be in last duration of 2019.


The race towards becoming the first brand with 5G network is headed by Oppo right now but Samsung and Apple has not made any official announcement towards it. Consumers also have some expectation with these two brands.

This healthy completion between the brands towards the 5G network shows that every brand is ready towards the future. The change towards the futuristic devices is implemented by every single brand which will help the consumer to get great devices with better networks.

Value for money will be another factor which will help in sales of the products as with 5G network compatibility the prices will also raise and every brand will try to put the price least while generating higher profits.



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