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Galaxy series have always been impressive one and it never leaves a single chance to put an impact over the industry. Same was the expectations with Galaxy Note 9 and yes it has been launched with a boom. It can’t be called a perfect phone to use but definitely near perfect. Just after its launch it has been added in the top list of phones, by some newspapers it has been called better than Iphone Xs, Google pixel 3xL and one plus 6T and yes there is a genuine reason behind that and we will be knowing about it in the article.

Body and Display

The dimensions that one gets is 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm and weighs only 201 grams which doesn’t give much stress to your hands. No doubt Note 9 is a big phone and it’s obvious for it to look bulky and heavy but it it’s not that heavy.
The phone comes with a 6.4 inch large screen with Super Amoled capacitive display with 16 million color. When the phone is having such a big and fabulous display then how can we use it without and protection hence for sure front and back gorilla glass protection with aluminum frame. You can get 1440 x 2960 pixels which is more than one plus and Google pixel 3 and multi touch can be enjoyed in note 9.

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Camera (“AI in the house”)
Note 9 has been loaded with the same 12+12-megapixel dual-lens shooter primary camera that has been given in galaxy S9+ so you can capture the blurred background photos and enjoy portrait mode. Video recording can be recorded with the quality of 2160p@60 fps. Note 9 camera comes with dual aperture that can automatically open at either f/1.5 to f/2.4for low light, brighter and crispier shots depending about the nearby environment or kind of that you want. The AI plays an important role in shooting conditions and controls the dual camera and that makes a huge difference in the picture quality.

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The best part about Note 9 camera is that it recognizes 20 types of scenes like sunset, beaches, saturation, brightness etc. This feature can be used in the pro mode. And yes it comes with different mode for capturing your beautiful moments that you want to keep as a memory.
The secondary camera comes has 8 – megapixel capturing lens, the quality is really good and with the new AI feature you can shoot as many selfies you want with the remarkable quality for sure. Recording from front camera can be done at quality of 1440p@30fps.

S PEN (your new assistant)

S PEN finally gets its designations; it’s no more just a stylus there are many impressive features that has been added that makes it much more like a remote now. S PEN got Bluetooth connectivity it’s getting better with all the coming versions of galaxy note but no doubtedly Note 9’s S PEN is the best till now.

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With just a click on the S PEN you can click the pictures and from there it has got its new name a pen. A long press on the stylus will let you open the app that you are targeting upon and you can operate the application with the S PEN, the feature is very loving and customizable and will become more efficient with a third party app of remote SDK.
You have not to worry about the battery of the S PEN as it has good battery backup and when inserted back in the Note 9 its gets charged back with a blazing speed. And if any case the battery dies of S PEN then you just have to put it back into Note 9 and it will be charged till 100% in just 40 seconds, now that what we call a light blazing speed, don’t we?

Battery and Platform (The beast is upgraded)

As the phone is beast and a beast needs more and long lasting energy, this beasts has 4000mAH lithium ion non-removable battery that lasts for more than a day. The battery will last for 11 hours and 16 minutes on using it continuously with web surfing on LTE which is not satisfactory but kind of ok. The claimed time is 90 minutes more than the average time for smart phones.

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The long battery allows playing games and record for longer times and this is the place where the note 9 has been improved if we compare it with the other Samsung devices.

Bixby (Siri is my elder sister, Alexa is my Love)

There is no doubt that Samsung is improving Bixby the voice assistant day by day, with all new Samsung galaxy series Bixby is gaining its existence. But yes the truth remains same that Bixby cannot rival Siri and Alexa. Both of them are very advanced then Bixby but there is one more truth that Bixby is younger than both of them.
Somehow Bixby is now able to understand the voice commands and performs task too. For reservations in a hotel and to book tickets for a movie Bixby is good to go but it lacks in some places too.

Performance (Power packed and fast)

 The thing that matters most, how do Note 9 performs. The company claims that it comes with water/carbon fiber cooling and hence makes it more faster than the previous ones. Like all flagship companies Note 9 is loaded with snapdragon 845 processor and comes with two options 6gb ram and 128gb storage and 8gb ram with 512gb storage. The speed can be imagined with the processor and ram.
If we talk about performance Note 9 is indeed a powerful and fast performing phone though not the fastest around the globe. Note 9 has been ranked on 3rd rank in terms of performance after Iphone Xs and one plus 6T.

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Note 9 runs on android 8.1 Oreo with is a disappointment as after the launch of Pie all of was expecting note 9 to be launched with Pie. The CPU runs on an Octa core system gives a awesome experience while using.

Other features

With many options of unlocking features one gets Iris scanner, by just showing beautiful eye balls one can unlock the “apple of their eye.” The phone has fingerprint sensor at back and face unlock feature too.

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A unique feature that Samsung has given is “Samsung DeX” (desktop experience support) which means desktop can be connected to it and then one can use Note 9 as a computer. And with the huge screen there would be no problem in using it like a computer of a mini laptop.
The phone comes with 3.5 mm audio jack and is having basic features like vibration mode, LED Flash, Auto HDR, Panorama etc. In short all the basic features that have are given in every galaxy device.

Price and colors

The price of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is around 60,000 and varies with different models and different colors. Note 9 lacks in value for money factor and it is a bit expensive and on other hand it is cheaper than Iphone Xs too. It is having both pros and cons for money factor but if we look upon the prices of previous galaxy phones then it’s clear that Note 9 has already set its bench mark in the price factor.
The phone comes with Large options of colors, don’t worry Samsung has taken care for your favorite colors this time. The prices vary with the colors too. The colors that one can get with Note 9 are- Metallic Copper, Lavender Purple, Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Pure White, Alpine White.


·        The beautiful 6.4 inch display and elegant design.
·        The AL feature of the camera.
·        The new and improved S PEN.
·        The new DeX mode.


·        Fast charging is still missing.
·        No Value for money.
·        Bixby (The voice assistant) is not up to the mark.
·        New water cooling doesn’t work as it should.


Overall Note 9 is a impressive smart phone and very interesting too. By just ignoring some cons like Bixby and fast charging, the device is good to go. Note series of Samsung is always known for its official works and Note 9 with the more improved S PEN has given the value for its official work too. All the official work like mailing, messaging and other task can be performed without any hassle on it.
The elegant and gorgeous design is the biggest plus point for it and with big screen it can be used as a mini laptop. The AI feature in camera works well and gives a unveiling match to the phone. We are hoping for fast improvements in Bixby.

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samsung note9 price


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